…that Situation!!!

Hey Fam! Happy new week! It's been a while. I had too many things to deal with. It's really been a busy one for me. Thank God for the holidays. 😁 Well, sometimes I think and ask myself why we go through some hard times in life. Why life happened just the way it did.… Continue reading …that Situation!!!

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How To Become A Master Over Failure!

Hey darlings! Hope y'all had a great weekend! May this new week open doors of breakthrough for us all in Jesus name. 🙏 PS: If you haven't read my post on Redefining Failure, you need to. Here's the continuation. 😁 Life will not always give you what to want, some things will not always go… Continue reading How To Become A Master Over Failure!


Secrets You Didn’t Know about Some fruits..#2

Yaayyy! It's another weekend!! Welcome to another edition of“Secrets you didn't know about some fruits”. Today, I will be sharing some nutritional health benefits of “Tiger Nuts”. My love for Tiger nut is 💯 Tiger nuts are not really nuts like we all think. They are tubers that grow under the soil’s surface. They are… Continue reading Secrets You Didn’t Know about Some fruits..#2


Redefining Failure!!

Hey there! Hope you all are doing great!! This month has just been a bit slow, and super busy for me. I hope it gets easier. I have met a couple of people who thinks failing at something stops them from trying it all over again. Failure doesn't me even mean you are a failure.… Continue reading Redefining Failure!!


Sunshine Blogger Award! 🎉

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.. Whoop whoop!!! Another award “Sunshine Blogger Award”. Thanks to Marie Simeon for the nomination. ❤ Kindly check her blog, She’s an amazing writer. Rules Thank the person/persons that nominated you and make sure to… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award! 🎉


Your Choice! 

Hey there! Ever wondered why some people enjoy their life with so much love and their relationship with partners/friends? Ever wondered why some enjoy their marriages? Ever wondered why some people get so much love? Ever wondered why some people believe love doesn't exist? Yes! My answer is “It's all your Choice” You have the… Continue reading Your Choice! 


Secrets You Didn’t Know about Some Fruits…#1

It's the weekend!💃 It's another weekend to take some rest off work. How was your week! Wish you all a wonderful weekend. Overtime, I thought on sharing some secrets about some fruits. As a health and wellness enthusiast, I have studied and made my researches on some certain fruits. So I'd be sharing some nutritional… Continue reading Secrets You Didn’t Know about Some Fruits…#1